Recover Trashed Files Mac OS X Lion?

I accidentally trashed some files off Mac OS X Lion by emptying trashcan, is it possible to recover trashed Mac lion or at lease undelete the valuable files? I did this by accidentally. After moving those documents into Trash, I know it is possible to restore them from Trash Lion easily simply by click “pull back” option. But before I do this, somehow I just don’t know why, you bet it – I trashed them all. Maybe I am too tired, oh, my god! Please help me restore my trashed files. My MacBook Pro is running OS X 10.7 Lion.

Recovery Solution:

In this case, the only way to rescue your trashed files is by relying on a Mac Trash undelete software. Yet you should pray that your files are not overwritten, which means if you keep generating or saving sizeable files or data to that partition where you trashed files originally located, chances of recovery might be greatly reduced due to new data reusing or occupying old Macintosh disk space.

So it’s pretty clear – the first action or caution you should bear in mind is - stop writing any new data back to the source drive. Then download and install some Mac data recovery software on your Lion machine for a try. Here are some nice Mac apps you can give a shot.

Data Recovery for Mac – able to restore deleted, trashed, formatted files from Mac, is also able to rescue data from inaccessible, repartitioned Mac drive/volumes. 5 featured modules are available to select for a particular lost Mac lion data recovery.

Stellar Macintosh Data Recovery – can recover lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data from any HFS, HFS+ and FAT file system based storage media whatever may be cause of data loss. The preview & recovery capability from Stellar has been famous for years in data recovery industry.

Note: to use either this utility correctly, you need to save your recovered files to either an internal or external hard drive, do not save to the source drive which contains your trashed Mac Lion data.

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  1. Tina Says:

    my friend formatted his Macintosh partition by accident! has he lost the documents for good? help! He is using Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

  2. datarecovery-faq Says:

    Hopefully you can use the above Mac data recovery software to retrieve. To some extent formatting a drive is the same thing with emptying trash.

  3. How to Recover Lost Mac Data after Upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Says:

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