How to Recover Photos Deleted from Android Phone

I accidentally deleted a couple of photos off my Android phone (Motorola droid x) by pressing the delete button. And all of a sudden it just disappeared with nowhere found. Is there any way I can find them in the Trash (if there does exist such function)? Or how to recover deleted photos from my Android phone (they are supposed to be in a memory card of the phone)? Please help, those photos are really precious to me and I can’t lose them.


To start with, there is no such Trash or recycling function with the Android phone you are using. Once you deleted items out of it, they just went away, similar to the case when you emptied the trash of your computer. However, that doesn’t mean you have no chance to recover the photos.

First things first – stop taking more photos or videos with the Motorola Android phone you are using. Also if you can, remove the memory card out of the phone and put it safe place. Do not let the tiny piece have any possibility to meet corruption or physical damage.

Next you need to rely on a third-party app such as Stellar Photo Recovery program to get things done and find your lost photos back. Just connect the memory card (insides your Android phone) to a PC or Mac that has install the program.

At last select the image types you want the program retrieve from your Android phone. Let the software have a free scan of your Android mass memory. It will be pretty easy to recover your Android photos.

Note: if your Android phone won’t be detected or recognized, you’ll probably need to root it in order to enable USB Mass Storage mode. Learn how to root Android phone from this blogger post.

Good luck and best regards.

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4 Responses to “How to Recover Photos Deleted from Android Phone”

  1. Ostina Says:

    Hello, I am using Motorola Droid x phone and accidentally fell the phone on the ground, the result is broken into pieces. Do I have chances to get back those contacts and photos, video taken on it?

    Thanks in advance. – Ostina

  2. datarecovery-faq Says:

    Hi, Ostina. Sorry to hear the bad suffering. Well, you have chance but don’t know how much. It all depends on whether the small piece of memory card insides your Android phone has damaged or not. If the card is OK, then possibility is high to retrieve the photos insides with photo recovery software mentioned on the post. As to the Contacts, probably no. Best regards.

  3. Android Says:

    Can you recover photos from an Android phone internal memory instead of mass memory?

  4. datarecovery-faq Says:

    Yes, you can. But you need to root your Android phone first!

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