Possible to Freeze Dead Hard Drive to Recover Data?

I’ve heard of putting a hard drive that doesn’t work in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer and then you may be able to recover some files off it. Is this possible?


There is actually documentation showing that by freezing a hard drive it is possible to recover the data from the drive in some cases. Freezing a hard drive can be used in data recovery, but will only fix the hard drive for a short period of time. If the drive is spinning (you will hear it turning) this is not the method to use, this method is best suited for data recovery cases where the drive is not spinning. If the drive is spinning it not physically damaged so it is a problem that should be approached through other methods.

The first thing you need to do is remove the drive from the computer and put it in a sealed plastic bag to avoid condensation. Then put the drive in a freezer and leave it overnight. When you are ready, pull the drive out of the freezer and hook it up quickly. Boot up the drive and start backing up the files. Act quickly because you may only have around 20 minutes to do this. I have seen some reports however, of this fixing the problem all together.

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