Forgot Password Excel 2007 Spreadsheet, How to Find or Unlock?

One of my colleagues left her position a few days ago, leaving an important Excel 2007 file locked with password (more exactly unable to open), I called her but she said that she really forgot the password as couldn’t raise any clues. Is it possible to recover forgotten password for Excel 2007 or any way to unlock the Excel spreadsheet? The spreadsheet contains a lot of financial information, so it must be opened. Thanks for the help. Configuration: Microsoft Windows XP, Office Excel 2007.

Excel 2007 Password Recovery:

If you are really stuck and just can’t find that password for your Excel file, the only way may be opt for a third-party Excel 2007 password recovery software for help.

Office Password Recovery is such solution for unlocking Excel by assisting you to find the forgotten password. No matter you Excel 2007 file is encrypted from opening or modifying, no matter how long or complex the password can be, all is fine and will be recovered with ease. Note: the password recovery tool is also suitable for Office Excel 2003, 2005, 2010 & Office Word, PowerPoint, Outlook PST etc. This guide outlines how to use the easy yet simple Excel password recovery application to dig lost or forgotten passwords, allowing you to unlock password-encrypted MS Excel document as soon as possible.

Here is a step by step tutorial for how to get back your Excel password.

  • Step 1: Download Office Password Recovery program and install it on your Windows PC.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Protected File and Begin the Recovery Process, the Open button launches the Recovery Wizard which gives you the option of simply decrypting the spreadsheet.
  • Step 3: Choose a algorithm to perform Excel 2007 password recovery. Done!

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