Can I recover deleted files from Kindle Fire HD?

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I gave my Kindle Fire to my son and he accidentally erased some of my favarite contents including those PDF documents, photos, movies, songs, and more files. I am wondering if there is a way to recover data lost from my Amazon Kindle device. Please help…


Well, since there is no SD port on the Kindle Fire. In addition to the local 16 GB (or 32GB) of flash storage, the Kindle Fire uses sophisticated techniques of splitting processing and storage between the device and the cloud (remote storage). All Kindles now allow unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content.

So, if you have backed up those files in the cloud server, it’s easy to restore all your items.

But if you didn’t have any copies, then:

  • If your Kindle Fire is unlocked (which means you can access your device thorugh a PC or Mac in a way similar to external disk), you can try a data recovery program and see if some of your files can be retrieved.
  • If your Kindle Fire is normal, then it’s almost sure there is no way to recover the data. Because the Kindle Fire is a mini tablet computer version of’s Kindle e-book reader which runs a forked version of Google’s Android operating system.

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How to become a data recovery technician?

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I am a college student and I have great interest in computer data recovery. I am just a bit curious that how can I become a data recovery specialist. Are there any degrees for leveling it up?


As far as I can see, there is no data recovery technician degree. There are no certifications or exams either. But, there are some classes you can take. I think the best way to learn is by jumping in head first and start doing it yourself. Find bad drives at recycling centers or on craigslist or ebay. Read forums (like HDD Guru Forum) and buy professional data recovery tools. It will take lots of time and energy.

Note: the only other way to learn is getting a job at a data recovery shop as an apprentice or intern, but I’m sure these opportunities are few and far between. Really, reading up on hddguru is the best start with lots of helpful info for newbies.

One more tip: the best way to improve your data recovery skill is to practice. For example, If a fan is broken and overheating the hard drive, causing it to malfunction, a simple part replacement takes care of the problem. Most data recovery specialist first check for hardware damage before going on to more expensive and time consuming forms of data recovery.

Hope this could help some, regards!

How Much Do I Have to Pay to Recover Data from A Failed WD Drive?

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I don’t know how to fix the issue. My Western Digital Essential hard drive has failed. It spins and attempts to boot. The Windows 7 logo appears but then a blue screen with text appears “Bad Pool Caller” is displayed, it then attempts to re-boot. Have opened it up and there is no sign of score marks on the top disc. I can hear the arm moving. Can you tell me a way to repair my external drive or at lease recover all my data, pleazzzz. Also how much do I have to pay if I send it to a local data recovery center?


Well, I think you made a big mistake by opening the WD disk, even a tiny peace of DUST can case your drive to fail permanently.

A bad pool caller issue is not related to the hard drive failure but is a windows related issue, simply where data is trying to be accessed from the data pool but is not available or perhaps corrupt. A simple run of chkdsk or a Windows repair would most likely have fixed it. But, what you have done now is ruin your drive and you have no option but to pay for data recovery as putting it back together and trying to run it will damage the surface of the platters and the read and write heads on the armature.

As to data recovery companies and prices, they vary a lot. Just do a search (or more exactly “local search”) in Google and you’ll find plenty of recovery companies and some will not take on the job if you have opened the drive, it makes there job much harder and compromises their work space, which is a very (medically) clean room. But before you send it, see if you can rely on a WD data recovery program to retrieve some data.


iOS Upgrade Made ALL My iPhone Contacts, SMS, Apps etc Lost!

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I am currently using iPhone 4S with old firmware and thinking of upgrade to latest iOS 6. I managed to go into iTunes and change some settings for the Contacts, SMS, Calendar etc and was able to recover some of my files for my iPhone but not all of my items are on there. Is there a way to easily recover my data? What important steps should be done to preserve all my original contacts and others? Thanks for any help!


Generally, Apple’s iOS 6 is supposed to take the hassle out of updates and backups by handling it all automatically through iCloud. You will not lose anything if you let it finish the installation process. It will warn you at the start that it will take some time usually well over an hour. The process will create a backup of all your stuff from the iPhone device on your computer. It will then wipe your iPhone and install iOS 6. It will then restore all your stuff from the back up. Learn more from this Apple article.

However, to get iOS 6, you’ve still got to go through iTunes, and if something goes wrong, the update may erase your apps, Contacts, SMS, photos & other data in the process. Fortunately, you don’t have to go back to the App Store to your apps back. iTunes should be able to restore those lost iPhone data. Here’s how:

  • Plug your iPhone 4S back into your PC and open up iTunes. Click on the device name in the left-hand column;
  • Click on “Sync” or “Apply” in the bottom-right corner of the screen. iTunes should begin restoring any data you had on the device.
  • After a while, syncing can take a very, very long time. After restoring, iTunes may ask if you want to transfer purchased items back to iTunes.
  • You must click “Transfer,” or else those items will be deleted from your iPhone.

If your files cannot be restored using the above method, I am afraid the last option is to opt for a 3rd party iPhone data recovery software, which may restore some data due to the nature of data recovery.

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How do I undelete photos & videos from Nokia Lumia 900 phone?

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So I accidentally made a wrong operation on my Nokia Lumia 900 and now the multimedia gallery has been emptied! And all my taken photos & videos are deleted from phone! Any way that I can get them back? Really important photos & videos for a friend’s wedding! Please help me find a solution to undelete my Nokia phone for the erased items.


Don’t worry. Your Nokia Lumia phone stores the multimedia files you take as separate files on a flash memory card (as far as I know the phone supports up to 32GB extended memory). When you erase or delete some items off the card, the real data are not wiped out right away. Instead they are waiting to be written over by new data.

To increase your chances of recovery DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE PICTURES OR VIDEOS once you have deleted them! Because eventually that free space will get used when you take new pictures or save new files, so hurry up and grab good photo recovery software as soon as possible to get your pics/videos back!

  1. You’d better take the memory card out of your NOkia smartphone.
  2. And then connect it to your PC or Mac machine (via a card reader).
  3. Then download and install Stellar Photo Recovery (it is one of the best tools available for digital file recovery, and best of all they offer a free download for PC & Mac computer).
  4. Let it scan your Nokia memory card and within seconds you will have a thumbnail of every single file that you can recover.

It’s just that simple, hope your lost Nokia Lumia files can be recovered soon!

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