How to Get My Data Out from Damaged HP USB Disk Drive

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Please help me recover files from a damaged USB disk. I have a good and reliable HP USB flash drive, though it is very small, it’s so powerful and is able to hold 8GB data without efforts. Yesterday I used it was when i was editing one my my files. My laptop computer lost battery so I set it aside without taking my USB out because I planned on continuing my editing the next day. But today when I plug it back to my laptop, it could not be read any more. It does not even light just like it usually does when i insert it in the USB port. So I guess it is probably because my HP USB got damaged due to improper plug-out. But it’s not the problem, what I care is the data inside. Is there any way to get my data out from a damaged USB flash drive?


Have you tried pluggin it into a different computer to make sure that it’s not actually broken? If you have and it really short circuit from the PC turning off than it’s kind of a “can’t do anything” unless you’re able to magically pull out the information without a plug in and put it into a laptop.

Meanwhile, what do you mean by saying it can not be “read”? It is possible that the PC recognizes your HP USB disk but the device doesn’t allow to be accessed. In this case, I recommend you use a data recovery software to recover as most data as possible. And note: you need to act fast as you can!

Hope you can get your inaccessible data back soon, best wishes!

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Help Me Get Back Deleted Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S4

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I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone last month, it is really wonderful and I like using it to take pics so much as the camera quality if so high. But what happened just a moment ago really panic me. I accidentally removed all of my photo albums. And can’t find them anywhere. I thought there should be such undelete or restore option like in a PC, but just can’t find that. Can you help me get back my Galaxy S4 photos? Appreciate!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Photo Recovery Answer:

As a matter of fact, there is no such undelete option with your Galaxy S4 mobile phone. Once you removed them, they are directly deleted just like you deleted something in the Recycle Bin or Trash on a computer. However, given that is true, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is no way to recover your pictures.

Here are the solutions:

If your pictures were saved on the phone internal memory, try this Android data recovery tool. It is able to surface scan your Samsung Android device to look for the recoverable data and get them back. Note: you’ll need to rely on a personal computer in order to install and run the app.

If they were saved on an external memory card, try this program called Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery. The professional digital media recovery app also recovers videos and music files. Both PC and Mac are compatible.

Last thing: do act as soon as possible. Once your deleted pictures get written over, chances of recovery can be greatly decreased.

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Help Me Regain Data from Formatted Ei-Fi Pro X2!

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“I had a corrupted Ei-Fi SD card (type: 16GB Pro X2). I reformatted it with no option because each time I connected it to my computer, a weird error popped out telling me the card is not formatted and can’t be used unless I initialize it. So I performed a quick format on the card. Now it is working fine. But all my data was lost due to the formatting. Is there any way to help me regain or get back the lost files?”

Ei-Fi Card Data Recovery Solution

The chance of recovering data from your corrupted (later formatted) Pro X2 is high, if you take the right steps and pre-cautions. Please note: a quick format option won’t be necessary to get rid of all the data stored on the card immediately.

However, if you keep using the card and storing new data to it, then you might ruin the chances of recovery due to data overwritten. So be aware of that firstly! Then take the below steps in order to retrieve your files.

  1. Connnect your Ei-Fi Pro X2 card to your PC or Mac machine, and make sure it can be detected or recognized.
  2. Download Stellar Photo Recovery program on the computer. Note: please download the right version between Windows and Mac OS X.
  3. Launch the software and make a full scan of your Pro X2 card for the recoverable items.
  4. Lastly preview the select to recover those you have deleted.

About the Eye-Fi Pro X2 – it is the largest capacity and most full-featured yet Eye-Fi SD card. It promises to do quite a bit: Wirelessly transfer photos from your camera to your home computer, phone, or tablet, add GPS data to images, and support both standard JPEG and Raw image formats.

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How Can I Get MacKeeper 2013 for Free?

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Hello, there. Can you give me a hand and let me get MacKeeper 2013 for free cost? I am a new Mac user and have a second-hand MacBook because I am a poor student. Recently I accidentally deleted some important documents off my Mac and I was recommended to use MacKeeper Files Recovery module. It allowed me to scan and find my lost papers. But I couldn’t save them because I am using the trial version, which means not activated. So it wouldn’t let me actually recover the files. Now I am wondering if I can bypass the trick and get full version of MacKeeper for free?


MacKeeper is a utility software suite for Mac OS designed to optimize and cleanup a computer system. It contains 16 small useful tools. Unfortunately it is NOT freeware, though you can download and install the program for free. However, some functions are restricted. ZeoBIT claims that they spend years to make the software run like it is designed to be. So it’s reasonable the program is not free.

But I found several places offering coupon code or discount, maybe it suits you as well. Here they are:

==> Get MacKeeper 2013 for 20% Discount of Your Order

==> MacKeeper Discount – You Save Up To $18

Note: If you are living in United States, UK, Canada etc, it’s illegal to get an unauthorized keycode (for activating the program). I’d recommend you purchase it for the long run.

Anyway, MacKeeper is very inexpensive.

Help! Mistakenly Erased Several Photos off My Apple iPad Mini

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I have never made similar mistake before and I don’t know if it is permanent. Today I could believe that I could have mistakenly deleted several “so-important” photos while I was intend to move them to another place on my iPad Mini. Now they are gone and I can’t share with my friends, who are waiting on Facebook!!! I just sent them to trash without noticing they are irreversible. I hope they are not erased for good because I really need them. Please help me get my iPad photos back? Thanks.


It seems that similar accidental human operating error does happen. However, with certain software, you have chance to recover your photos.

Note: if you searched on Google or Yahoo, you might find that a few programs claim they will successfully recover your iPad data with guarantees. However, so many are misleading because they are only able to deal with “mass memory storage” like a hard drive, memory card etc. But iPad uses quite different storage mechanism, so when you are using their software, the result is – your iPad couldn’t even be detected.

iPad Data Recovery – the unique yet only program that works for rescuing iPad data including photos, videos, music, Notes and more. Besides iPad mini, it also supports the New iPad 3, 4 etc. Note: you’ll need to download and install it on your PC or Mac computer (rather than your iPad), then connect your tablet to do the rest part.

Hope it can help you out! Oh, forgot to mention – due to the nature of data recovery, it is not guaranteed that your lost iPad photos will be restored for 100% chance.

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